Kathleen Smothers, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Licensure and Certification

Licensed in North Carolina

American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA) Certificate of Clinical Competence

Specialized Training:

Teletherapy using various platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, TheraPlatform and Google Duo

Pediatric Language Disorders

Sign Language




Play Based Therapy

Early Intervention

Sensory Processing

Autism Spectrum Disorders





Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delays

Down Syndrome


Phonological Processing Disorders

Sensory Processing


Kathleen Smothers works with my son each week and has been a wonderful match!  She takes Robert where he is each week and let’s him be a part of deciding what to do next which encourages him and works on speech in ways he doesn’t know he is working on skills.  We appreciate Kathleen’s dedication each week to being  prepared and ready to work with our challenging child who keeps her thinking. Kathleen is creative always thinking of new ideas and ways to interest Robert to work on some of the articulation which is challenging for him.  Robert would not be where he is with strong verbal skills where he can be understood by his family and people in the community that do not know him if it was not for Robert’s strong team!  Kathleen is a key component to our team of people that work to encourage and support Robert to grow to his greatest potential.  We can not thank Kathleen enough for her strong commitment each week to seeing Robert as an individual and encouraging him to always be challenged. For a mother having your son communicate effectively and be understood is the best gift ever and Kathleen has helped us get Robert to this point where we are so pleased with his progress!  We will always be thankful for Kathleen’s hard work and dedication to helping Robert grow his communication and language!   


Kathleen attended Loyola College in Maryland (B.S.) and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (M.S.)

She has worked in Early Intervention for over 25 years with children experiencing varied communication strengths and needs. In 1994, after working at a school for children with special needs that also had a community outreach program and a language-based outpatient preschool each week, she moved to Raleigh. After being part of a private practice as an SLP and Clinical Director, she joined the team at Community Partnerships, CPI. In Raleigh, she worked for 16 years at CPI as part of the Early Intervention Team and loved the collaboration with the Developmental Therapists (Special Education teachers), OT and PT staff in addition to consulting with daycares and preschools to facilitate functional communication in inclusive environments.  Kathleen began working for Raleigh Therapy Services in 2012. She enjoys using children’s and families’ strengths to improve communication skills. Involvement with parents, families, caregivers is an integral part of therapy to ensure generalization of new abilities beyond the therapy situation.