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RTS Adovcates for Outpatient Specialized Therapies

Advocacy is an important part of our jobs.  We spend a lot of time educating parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings, lawmakers, etc. about the importance of speech, physical, and occupational therapy.  RTS therapists advocate for our patients and their families every day! We are also involved with advocacy at the state level and frequently meet with lawmakers about the importance of the services we provide.  We believe in what we do, and we believe that our services make such a vital impact in the lives of children and families who are recipients. Recently, Allison Crumpler, SLP, was asked to speak at a press conference at the Legislative Building about the importance of speech-language pathology services in the state of North Carolina.  Allison told lawmakers that providing these services saves jobs and tax dollars. “Without the power to communicate and/or swallow, these children will lead less healthy, less full lives – and many will become a burden on state government. We must pay for these vital services now or we will all pay for it later,” she said. “Furthermore, a reduction in speech therapy services would undermine thousands of jobs in North Carolina.” she said. Allison Crumpler, SLP, urging lawmakers to invest in the future of North Carolina by protecting vital services such as speech therapy. ______________________________________________________________________________ On Friday, March 11, Vicki Dailey, SLP/President of Raleigh Therapy Services, Inc. and Jeri Bates, VP/COO of SpeechCenter, Inc. met for 90 minutes with Health and Human Services Appropriations Co-Chairmen, Representatives Justin Burr and Nelson Dollar.  Vicki and Jeri talked with Reps. Burr and Dollar, on behalf of the North Carolina Speech Hearing and Language Association, to inform them that NC’s Outpatient Specialized Therapy Program is a well managed program which provides medically necessary services in a fiscally responsible way.  Vicki and Jeri are both grateful for the opportunity to meet with these Representatives and appreciate their time and consideration of Outpatient Specialized Therapies as the Legislators continue to craft the State’s budget.

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