COVID-19 Policy for In-Person Evaluations and Treatment

UPDATED December 8, 2020


Telehealth is available as a way to provide consistency with treatment.  As we see a spike in cases locally, your child’s therapist may recommend telehealth.  This is recommended following a known exposure, facility closure or travel as described below.  Telehealth is a way for your child to continue services without an interruption and to keep our therapists and patients safe.


There are no travel restrictions in place for North Carolina, and visitors do not have to quarantine upon arrival. RTS supports our staff and the families of our patients in choosing a more restrictive approach to evaluations and treatment sessions following the holidays (including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s).

Our recommendations for staff and patients following holiday travel include:

  • If traveling by air, train or bus,  teletherapy for 10 days following return.
  • If traveling from an area that is a known hot spot, teletherapy for 10 days following return.
  • If you or someone in your immediate household has been in contact with a COVID-positive person, get tested and quarantine for 14 days. 


If your child’s daycare or preschool classroom and/or entire facility is closed due to exposure, please notify your therapist immediately.  In these cases, your therapist will provide therapy via telehealth for the duration of the closure. 

​Our office has reopened for in-person sessions. Our therapists are also seeing patients in homes, preschools and childcare centers. We will continue to offer telehealth services as an alternative at this time.  Coverage is based on individual insurance plan guidelines.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


The CDC has updated their guidelines for quarantine for asymptomatic exposed people.
The following options to shorten quarantine are acceptable:
  1. If testing is not done and no symptoms develop with daily monitoring, the quarantine can end after 10 days from LAST exposure
  2. If testing is done and  negative and no symptoms develop, the quarantine can end after 7 days from LAST exposure.  (The testing must be within 48 hours of the last day of planned quarantine discontinuation, so on DAY 5 from last exposure at the earliest)
With this strategy, the post quarantine transmission risk is estimated to be 5-12%.  You must also continue to monitor for symptoms and mask through Day 14.  If you develop symptoms,  you should immediately self-isolate  and contact your healthcare provider.


  • Face coverings are required for any person over the age of two who is in the RTS office. Disposable masks are available for both adults and children. 
  • Therapists will wear a cloth face covering during therapy and evaluations in both the office and community sites. A shield will be worn on top of their mask if a patient cannot tolerate a mask.
  • Patients over the age of 2 will be asked to wear a cloth face covering, if they are able to tolerate, when entering the office and for the duration of the session. Masks will not be required for the patient during feeding therapy.
  • Therapists will wear gloves if working with body fluids.
  • Parents/caregivers should wear a mask upon entering the office and while in a treatment room.
  • Staff, caregivers and patients who have medical conditions in which he/she cannot wear a mask (i.e. asthma), a mask will not be required.


  • Your child’s therapist will ask the following questions prior to the start of the session:
    • Are you, or anyone you reside with, aware of having been exposed to a person who is known or suspected to have COVID-19?
    • Does anyone in your household have any signs of illness including coughing, fever, loss of smell or other signs of illness today?
  • If NO to both questions, the session will be completed.
  • If YES to at least one of the questions, the session will be canceled. Please see Deciding When to Stay Home  for further guidance.
  • All RTS staff are required to follow the same procedures in the Deciding When to Stay Home  document. 


  • Anyone entering the RTS clinic must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering.
  • Therapists will wash their hands before and after each session.
  • Our waiting room will remain closed at this time to limit exposure and spread of any potential germs.
  • Parents will be asked to drop their child off and return to their vehicle for the duration of the session. Children will be returned to their vehicle by the treating therapist. If necessary, one parent will be allowed back with the child to the therapy room. No siblings will be allowed in the clinic at this time.
  • Contactless payment arrangements will be made. You may call our office to make a payment by phone or you can pay online.


  • Toys utilized during therapy sessions will be kept to a minimum. Toys will be sanitized before reuse.
  • Fabric toys, play dough, sensory bins, the ball pit and other difficult to clean objects will not be used.
  • Therapists will sanitize their therapy workspace between each client.
  • Sessions may end a few minutes early to allow for disinfecting and sanitizing between sessions.

We will continue to update this policy as we move through the different phases set by the state. Thank you for your cooperation during this time. We look forward to working with your child.