COVID-19 Policy for In-Person Evaluations and Treatment

UPDATED August 13, 2021

In accordance with the City of Raleigh mandate, RTS will make the following changes to our mask wearing protocols in our office and waiting room policies: 

  • Staff, caregivers and children over the age of 2 years should wear a mask when in the office regardless of vaccination status. 
  • A mask for the child during therapy evaluations and sessions will be at the discretion of the therapist and the parent(s) of the child depending on the child’s diagnosis and treatment protocols.
  • Our waiting room will be open for one parent and one sibling of the patient to utilize during their child’s session.   Parents also have the option to into the session with their child or wait outside in their car.  
Please note that preschools and daycares will still require masks for children and adults in accordance with the Executive Order.   When seeing patients in homes, the therapist and the parent(s) may decide together what everyone is comfortable with in regards to masks. 
At RTS we will continue to follow the latest CDC and NDHHS guidelines. We will continue to offer telehealth services as an alternative at this time.  Coverage is based on individual insurance plan guidelines.  


We will continue to update this policy as we move through the different phases set by the state. Thank you for your cooperation during this time. We look forward to working with your child.