“During the time that our Raleigh Therapy Services therapist worked with my grandson, I have been very observant of her. She is always on time and never late. She is very patient with my grandson and makes the activities fun for him. Our RTS therapist is very professional-she carries herself extremely well. I would gladly refer her to anyone who needs speech therapy. My grandson has opened up to her unlike he has ever done with any other therapist that has previously worked with him. He talks about her all the time around the house and knows when she is coming and gets very excited. Our RTS therapist has made a tremendous difference in my grandson’s life and our family has enjoyed working with her.”

-J.W., Grandmother

“We love working with Raleigh Therapy Services therapists. Each one of you is so professional, compassionate, and kind. The children, families, and teachers in our facility greatly benefit from your dedication and services. You go above and beyond the call of duty to look out for the child’s best interest. I often observe RTS therapists teaching my teachers how to incorporate the strategies in the classroom. There is a difference in the children who work with Raleigh Therapy Services therapists when compared to other therapists we have had in this building. We hope that you will stay in our facility forever!”

-L.D., Childcare Facility Director

“Our Raleigh Therapy Services therapist has made such a difference in our child’s life. She makes the activities fun and exciting for him. She is always available to stay and answer questions or talk with me about my concerns. It is obvious that she truly cares about my son’s overall development and success. She comes to our house with creative activities and leaves us with things that we can work on until she comes back again. Our son has made tremendous progress in a short amount of time.

-T.P., Mother

“My child was recently diagnosed with Autism, and I felt so lost as to what to do. A speech therapist and occupational therapist from RTS showed up at my door and from that time on, what once seemed like the end of the world, was the beginning of a new journey with hope for our child. Our child has made so many gains and so much progress during the time that she has been working with her therapists. They always come ready to share information about community events; helpful strategies for everyday life; and with an open heart, ear, and mind to help my child succeed.”

-D.R., Parent

“When I first heard the Dr. tell me that my child has Down Syndrome, I thought of all the things that he would never be able to do. However, when we started working with our team of therapists from RTS, I quickly realized there are so many things that he will be able to do! They have always been so supportive, understanding, and professional. Our therapists have made such a huge impact on our child’s life in the areas of feeding, speech, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and sensory.”

-S.O., Parent