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Raleigh Therapy Services background


We are in-network with the following insurance companies:

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Cigna/RPN

  • NC Health Choice

  • State Employees Health Plan

  • Tricare

  • UnitedHealthcare

  • Medicaid (we accept all of the following plans: AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina, Carolina Complete Health, Healthy Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield), NC Medicaid Direct, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of North Carolina, WellCare of North Carolina)​


We are also contracting providers with surrounding Children's Developmental Services Agencies (CDSA).


We are in the process of adding other insurance companies, so be sure to ask about your insurance carrier if you do not see it on our list. You may be eligible to receive out-of-network benefits from your insurance carrier.​


For private pay rates, please contact our office at 919-791-3582 or


Please understand that health insurance benefits are a contract between you and your insurance carrier. We are happy to assist you in understanding your specific benefits and responsibilities, but please understand that any changes to your insurance plan can affect your coverage. We encourage families to keep track of their own benefits throughout the course of treatment, including the maximum allowed visits, to avoid unexpected charges and denied claims. 


As in-network providers, we have taken on the responsibility of filing charges directly to your insurance company. Some services may be denied by your insurance company secondary to your plan type, medical necessity, or other policy limitations. As a courtesy, we will attempt to re-file a denied claim on your behalf one time.



We contract with insurance companies so that you are receiving a preferred rate for services. We submit these claims to your insurance company as a benefit to you and do not bear any financial responsibility for services. Our main priority is your child’s well-being and therapeutic outcomes, and ultimate financial responsibility rests upon the policyholder.


Parents can self-refer their child by calling our office at 919-791-3582. Our admin team will get all of the necessary information to process the referral and get the requested service(s) started. Once you complete the intake paperwork, a therapist will reach out to schedule. If an evaluation is required, you will receive information regarding the results and recommendations. 

Phone: 919-791-3582
Fax: 919-791-3583

What happens next?

  • We contact the family to obtain all necessary information, including insurance, to start the requested service(s).

  • Authorization for services is requested from the insurer.

  • You will receive evaluation results and the plan of care for services via fax.

  • If the patient is discharged from services for any reason, you will receive a detailed summary regarding the discharge.

Raleigh Therapy Services Background


  • Does Raleigh Therapy Services accept my insurance?
    We are in-network providers for all Tricare insurance plans, Health Choice, NC Medicaid (Medicaid Direct, Healthy Blue, WellCare, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, AmeriHealth, and Carolina Complete), Blue Cross Blue Shield, RPN/Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and State Employees Health Plan. We will bill these plans directly and collect any co-payments and deductibles as necessary.
  • What is the cost of therapy?
    One of the first questions we are often asked is the cost of therapy. At Raleigh Therapy Services, we understand that therapy can be expensive, and we do everything we can to make therapy affordable for families including being in-network providers for all major insurances and offering a competitive self-pay rate.
  • What is your attendance/cancellation policy?
    Our cancellation and attendance policy is designed to improve the ability to assist our patients in ensuring the continuity of care while optimizing the clinical outcome process. Please be aware of the following: If you know that you are going to miss an appointment, you must reschedule at least 36 hours before the scheduled appointment so that we have time to fill in that time slot with an alternative patient. Failure to notify your therapist of a cancellation within 24 hours before your appointment will result in an automatic, non-negotiable $75 charge that cannot be reimbursed by insurance. This cancellation fee is designed to cover the therapist’s time for clients that cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice. We provide you with one free late cancellation per quarter, and after that, we will assess a $75 fee for any late cancels and no shows. Please remember that being guaranteed a time slot on the schedule is determined by consistent attendance. If your child is absent from therapy 25% of the time or more for two consecutive months, or if there is an extended pattern of non-attendance, therapy will be discontinued unless special arrangements are discussed in advance.
  • What happens if we miss a scheduled session?
    If you cancel a scheduled appointment, you will be required to complete a makeup session and will need to accommodate the availability of the therapist. The therapist will provide you with four options for a makeup session to occur within 30 days of the missed session. You are required to pick one of the four options provided so that the make-up session can be completed.
  • How will I be billed for services?
    For your convenience, Raleigh Therapy Services requires that all clients, except for those who are Medicaid recipients, have a credit card on file to cover any charges you may be responsible for. Credit cards will be run every Friday for services rendered the previous week. A receipt will be emailed to the email address we have on file for you. Credit cards will be charged for all applicable fees which may include, but are not limited to, copays, late cancel fees, coinsurance, or cost of visit if deductible has not been met at the time of visit. There are times where we must wait on an EOB from your insurance before we can bill for services rendered. If this is the case, you will receive a bill at the end of the month, and it will need to be paid within 30 days by either calling our office or paying online.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    We accept credit cards, HSA cards, and checks.
  • Is an evaluation required before therapy can start?
    Most times, an evaluation will be required before we can begin therapy services. The evaluation lets the therapist know what areas to focus on for therapy and helps the therapist develop the plan of care where the goals are indicated for therapy. Evaluations vary in length from 1 to 2 hours and can also include a caregiver meeting and/or school observation. We always spend time at the beginning of the evaluation getting to know your child and building rapport. Many evaluations, particularly for school-age children, include standardized testing at a table, but some focus more heavily on engagement in play or in movement tasks. If you decide to set up an evaluation with us, the therapist you speak with initially over the phone will give you specifics on the length, what will be covered in the session, and how to prepare your child.
  • Where do you provide services?
    We provide services in our Raleigh clinic, homes, daycares, preschools, online, private schools, and charter/public schools with whom we contract.
  • Can I drop my child off at the office for their appointment and then leave to run an errand?
    No. For safety and liability reasons, you may not leave the RTS campus while your child is in therapy. You are welcome to join your child’s session, sit in our waiting area, or remain in your car in the parking lot, but you need to be easily accessible to the therapist in case of emergency.
  • Do you involve parents in the treatment process?
    Yes. Parents are a very important part of treatment at Raleigh Therapy Services. Parents are often invited into the treatment sessions to observe therapy if the situation is appropriate, and parent education is an integral part of every therapy session. Each session is designed to allow time for the parent and therapist to discuss progress and what was done during the therapy session. Home programs are provided to the parent to increase carryover in all settings and help the child be more successful in reaching their goals.
  • Can you work with my child if they receive therapy services through their school?
    Yes, we can work privately with children who receive services through their IEP at school. We will work with the school-based therapist to coordinate care for the child. Most times, private therapy goals and school therapy goals are quite different yet often complement each other.
  • Do you offer free screenings?
    We do offer center-wide screenings for free to childcare centers and preschools. A screening is a quick snapshot of a child's skills, and the purpose is to determine if more information is needed, typically in the form of a full evaluation. If you would like to setup screenings for your preschool or childcare center, please call our office at 919-791-3582.
  • What ages do you work with?
    We work with children ages birth to 18 years.
  • How long are therapy sessions?
    Sessions are typically scheduled once or twice weekly. Speech therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 30 minutes, while occupational and physical therapy sessions are usually 45 to 60 minutes. We know that children make faster progress in therapy when it starts out intensively and when there is carryover in the home setting. We place a strong emphasis on parent/caregiver education for this reason; it’s important to us that you feel empowered to help your child.
Raleigh Therapy Services background


Our office will email you a link to our intake forms once your child has been assigned a therapist. Please check your spam or junk folder for the link. Please also note the link will be sent via an email from IntakeQ. 


If you do not receive a link, please contact our office at 919-791-3582 or email

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